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The Alder Brook Cemetery Association
Est. 1818 formerly the “East Burial Ground,”
re-dedicated and re-named in 1865
355 Boston Street
Guilford, CT

How it Works

Alder Brook Cemetery offers a new way to help commemorate the deceased. Our online memorial tribute document center allows family and friends to post photos, documents, memoirs, audio and videos that best represent your loved one.  Documents such as Veteran Service info, Baptism Certificates, Death Certificates, Family Trees, letters, postcards, newspaper clippings will ​help memorialize the life and activities of those interred at Alder Brook Cemetery..

You may also submit to us any missing information that you have found to be important for your loved one. Your help to supply any missing info indicated by a ‘?’ on a burial record (missing info link) is appreciated. This information can help others researching genealogy and family histories  and preserve the past. The all volunteer Alder Brook Cemetery Technology Committee is dedicated to keeping our records and website database up to date with as accurate details as possible. Our original records go back to the 1800’s. 

Donations of $2, $5 or $10 are suggested, but not required to submit information or documents. After you make a voluntary donation you will be redirected to a form that you can fill in the correct information and or upload any photo’s or documents. If you can not afford to donate, see section below.

Donations Support our Website and Database

In order to keep up with new information being submitted to our website, we have ongoing costs to keep our site up and running. We are requesting  tax deductable  donations from you to help us off set these costs for Alder Brook Cemetery Assn. Your receipt is your proof of your donation.   Alder Brook Cemetery Assn is a not-for-profit, as designated by the IRS under Code Section 501(c)13. 

What Information Can Be Submitted?

You can submit the following information to us if it has a question mark (?) next to the label on the burial record:

  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Death
  • Date of Burial
  • Veteran Yes or No
  • Branch of Service
  • War Era
  • Obituary Information

Other Documents that will ​help memorialize the life and activities of those interred

  • Military and Veteran Service records,
  • Baptism Certificates,
  • Death Certificates,
  • Family Trees,
  • letters,
  • postcards,
  • newspaper clippings etc
  • Any Photos
  • Any Audio
  • Any Links to webites that have accurate information on the deceased

Rules of Document Uploading

Once we verify the submission and the submitter, we will update our records and the website. Up to 10 MB of data can be uploaded per form submission in the form of PDF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, MP3, MPG, or MP4.

All files will be reviewed by Alder Brook Cemetery administration prior to posting online. Due to volunteers doing this work, it may be several weeks before your info is updated. 

Please refer to our “Terms of Service” and “Privacy policy”.

We recently have made this information available for you via the internet. You can search for a loved one from our Search for Burial link.


If You Can Not Donate

If for financial reasons you can not make a donation but still have information to add to a loved one or need changes made, please click on the button below. We will take care of it for you.

Thank you from the Alder Brook Cemetery Board of Directors.

Tax Deductible Donation

We are a 501(C)13 Non-Profit Organization, so your contribution is tax-deductible according to the IRS :
IRC 170(c)(5) provides for the deduction for federal income tax purposes of contributions to cemetery companies of the type described in IRC 501(c)(13). To be deductible the contributions must be voluntary and must be made to or for the use of a nonprofit cemetery or crematorium, whose funds are irrevocably dedicated to the care of the cemetery as a whole. A donor may not deduct a contribution made for the perpetual care of a particular lot or crypt. Furthermore, payments made to a cemetery company as part of the purchase price of a burial lot or crypt, even though irrevocably dedicated to the perpetual care of the cemetery as a whole, are not deductible. Rev. Rul. 58-190, 1958-1 C.B. 15. IRC 2055 and 2522 contain no provisions similar to those of IRC 170(c)(5). Accordingly, bequests or gifts to nonprofit cemeteries described in IRC 501(c)(13) are not deductible for federal estate and gift tax purposes. Rev. Rul. 67-170, 1967- 1 C.B. 272.


For further details: