Frequently Asked Questions About Alder Brook Cemetery

How do you purchase a burial plot in Alder Brook Cemetery?

Please contact our sexton, Ed Vroman at Shelley Brother’s Monuments, 203-453-9129, 724 Boston Post Road, Guilford, CT for prices and availability.


What and when are Plants and Flowers allowed?

Artificial flowers are not permitted between March 1 and November 1.

Potted Plants: Potted plants and flower boxes are allowed on both monument and non-monument lots during the ten (10) days following Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Memorial Day. Potted plants dug into the soil or placed in cemetery cut-flower containers will be removed.

Winter grave decorations are restricted to winter grave blankets and pillows, wreaths, and flower boxes, none of which may be dug into the soil or otherwise disturb or destroy grave surfaces. All winter decorations not removed prior to March 1st will be disposed of by the Alder Brook Cemetery Association.

No other plantings or shrubbery are permitted on any lot or grave. Any unauthorized planting will be removed.

Click on the following link for more information: for specifics.

What about other decorations?

Ornamental stones, mulch, concrete products, fencing or borders of any type are prohibited.

Glass jars, metal urns, statues, hanging baskets, watering cans, plastic jugs, votive lights or candles, pennants, banners, flags (except the American Flag), balloons, chimes, pinwheels, pumpkins, toys, books, photographs, figurines and bric-a-brac of any description are forbidden. Any article of this kind placed on graves will be removed.

For more information click on the following link: for specifics


How do you keep the Cemetery looking so neat and respectful?

We have a landscaping company that regularly mows and trims. This is our single biggest annual expense. The rules regading plants and decorations are in place to make sure no foreign objects are obstacles to trimming or can cause damage if caught in the blades of a mower.

Our goal is honoring the mortal remains of those who have gone before us by keeping the cemetery beautiful and attractive year round.

How are the financial needs of the cemetery met?

Investment fund seeded by sales, donations and bequests. You can help by making a donation to Alder Brook Cemetery. 


My search for burial information showed missing information. Why?

You can help by submitting the missing information to our e-mail me form.

How do I go about Planning a Funeral or Memorial Service?

When planning a funeral or memorial service, there are many aspect of the service that you can plan and personalize, from features to readings and songs to participants.

If you’re planning a religious service, many of the features of the service may be dictated by religious tradition; speak with your local clergy to learn more about your community’s customs.

Some things you may want to consider including in the funeral or memorial service you’re planning include:

  • Choose a funeral conductor or officiant to lead the service
    If you’ll be having the service at a religious place of worship, the religious leader there will likely lead the service according to traditional practices. If you’re having the service at another location, you can choose whoever you like to officiate the service.

  • Choose pallbearers to carry or escort the casket
    If any people whom you would like to have as pallbearers are not physically capable of carrying the weight of a casket, those people can be made “honorary pallbearers” and can walk beside or behind the casket.

  • Choose people to deliver eulogies
    Family members, friends, clergy, and/or funeral conductors often give eulogies.

  • Choose people to deliver readings or prayers at the service

    • Select the readings or prayers you’d like people to read. 
      If the service is religious, there may be traditional prayers or hymns that should be read

  • Choose the type of flower arrangements you’d like to have at the service

    • Purchase the arrangements on your own or through the funeral home
      Common flower arrangements include casket sprays, which cover a casket; standing sprays, which are displayed on an easel and are shaped in the form of bouquets, wreaths, hearts, crosses, and other designs; and bouquets in baskets or vases

    • Designate someone to remove flowers from the venue

  • Choose songs or music you’d like to have played or performed
    If you will be playing music, make sure the venue can accommodate the technology

  • Decide on an order of events for the service

    • If you’d like, print programs for the service or have the funeral home print programs for you
      Funeral programs usually contain the order of the service (including the names of participants and any readings or musical pieces that are performed) as well as an obituary.

  • Purchase a guestbook and pens

    • Arrange for someone to put these out at the service and collect them after the service
      Guestbooks allow the family to know who attended the funeral.



Can any Funeral Home be engaged to provide burial preparations at Alder Brook Cemetery?

Yes, any licensed funeral director/home can work with our Sexton to provide casket or cremation burials in accordance with our regulations and CT laws.  The Funeral Director must have the burial preparation, excavation and closing performed by our Sexton who is under contract to Alder Brook Cemetery Assn.

How to make a donation?

Please click on the PayPal button link to make a tax deductible donation.




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