Rules & Regulations

The Alder Brook Cemetery Association
Est. 1818 formerly the “East Burial Ground,”
re-dedicated and re-named in 1865
355 Boston Street
Guilford, CT

Regulations Regarding Cemetery Plots and Their Care

It is The Alder Brook Cemetery Association’s goal to maintain the sense of peace, decorum and reverence customarily found in cemeteries through the consistent enforcement of the regulations found in this pamphlet. The routine clean-up, mowing, trimming, road and grounds maintenance are ever-increasing operating expenses. The rules and regulations set forth here are essential to achieve these goals within our budget.

Cemeteries, like homes and neighborhoods, can be beautiful and attractive, or cluttered and untidy. Only through fair and reasonable regulations, consistently and uniformly applied, can we attain our mutual goal of honoring the mortal remains of those who have gone before us.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Regulations Regarding Cemetery Plots and Their Care

• Visitors are permitted within the Cemetery during posted hours and should use only the roads designated.
• Please do not park or drive on the grass.
• Any person entering the Cemetery before or after its posted hours, shall be considered a trespasser.
• Animals are not permitted in the Cemetery at any time.

Placement of Decorations during the Growing Season
(March 1 – November 1)

• Flush Marker Lots: Planting of flowers is prohibited. Natural cut flowers are permitted when placed in containers that are available at the maintenance building without charge. These containers are to be used to commemorate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc., and are not intended for continual use. Only one container is allowed on a grave. Wilted flowers should be removed, and container returned to the maintenance building.

• Upright Monument Lots: When burials are in the front of the upright monument, the planting of annual and perennial flowers and bulbs are permitted only in the ten-inch (10”) area directly in front of the monument. When burials are in both the front and rear of the monument, the planting of annual and perennial flowers and bulbs are permitted in the front and rear of the monument within the ten-inch (10”) area, not to exceed the length of the monument base. Plantings on the side of the monument base are prohibited. If plantings become overgrown with weeds or otherwise unsightly, they will be removed.

• Artificial flowers are not permitted between March 1 and November 1.

• Potted Plants: Potted plants and flower boxes are allowed on both monument and non-monument lots during the ten (10) days following Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Memorial Day. Potted plants dug into the soil or placed in cemetery cut-flower containers will be removed.

Winter grave decorations are restricted to winter grave blankets and pillows, wreaths, and flower boxes, none of which may be dug into the soil or otherwise disturb or destroy grave surfaces. All winter decorations not removed prior to March 1st will be disposed of by the Alder Brook Cemetery Association.

• No other plantings or shrubbery are permitted on any lot or grave. Any unauthorized planting will be removed.
• The use of wooden or metal stakes is prohibited. Ornamental stones, mulch, concrete products, fencing or borders of any type are prohibited.
• Glass jars, metal urns, statues, hanging baskets, watering cans, plastic jugs, votive lights or candles, pennants, banners, flags (except the American Flag), balloons, chimes, pinwheels, pumpkins, toys, books, photographs, figurines and bric-a-brac of any description are forbidden. Any article of this kind placed on graves will be removed.
• Existing shrubs will be removed by the Alder Brook Cemetery Association at such time as they become overgrown or unsightly.
• Rubbish containers are located by each water faucet for disposal of any debris.

No one is permitted to work in the cemetery without the permission of the Alder Brook Cemetery Association.
• The Alder Brook Cemetery Association expressly disclaims liability for any damages and/or injuries sustained by anyone violating these rules.
• The Alder Brook Cemetery Association retains the authority expressed in all the deeds issued by the Association to remove any objects not adhering to these regulations.
• All requests or complaints are to be submitted to the Alder Brook Cemetery Association in writing.

Rules and regulations are subject to change from time to time as the best interests of the Cemetery demand.

The Alder Brook Cemetery Association Yard Committee:

Ray Dudley
Andrew Page
Tracy Tomaselli
Scott Francis

Alder Brook Cemetery Assn.
741 Boston Post Road
# 307
Guilford, CT  06437

All complaints and requests should be made in writing.  Please click the CONTACT US button below to send us an email.


An American Flag disposal receptacle is located in Halleck Circle near the Cremains section.